Assembly serves the information needs of manufacturing professionals responsible for engineering and managing product assembly operations throughout the Original Equipment Market. Our objective is to help them make assembly-related decisions and develop solutions to assembly problems. Distributed monthly.

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        Manufacturing Engineering
        Metallurgical Engineering
        Plant Engineering
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        Quality Engineering
        Technical Engineering
        Other Engineering (specify) 
Manufacturing/Operations/Production/Import/Export/Supply Chain Management
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The primary end product or service performed at this location is applied in which of the following industries? (select ALL that apply).

 Automotive Industry
 Aerospace Industry
 Appliance Industry
 Electronics Industry
 Medical Industry

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Adhesives, Tapes, Sealants and Dispensing Equipment
AssemblyWorkstations, Benches, Seating and
Automated Assembly Machines and Systems
Bar Code Reader Systems, Printers and Readers 
Contract Assembly Services
Conveyors and Materials/Parts/Handling Equipment 
Software and/or Data Acquisition Equipment and
Fasterers and Precision Formed Parts 
Machine Vision Systems and Non-Contact Sensors
PC Board Assembly Equipment
Power and Hand Tools
Production Equipment, Presses, Forming and Threading
Robots, End Effectors and Pick-and-Place Machines 
Test and Inspection Equipment
Welding/Brazing/Soldering/Equipment and Supplies
Wire Processing And Terminating Machines 
Motion Control, Positioning and Indexing Equipment 
Packaging Equipment
None of the Above

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